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Thank you!Edit

Hi, Catherine -- Thank you for your help! It's great to have somebody else listed on the community page... :) -- Danny (talk) 18:03, 8 April 2007 (UTC)

new insulin. Edit

Hi Catherine, I am a diabetic for 37 years. I was on NPH insulin for 29 years, and never had a problem with low blood sugar, that bad to loose my brain. 8 years ago I started the analog insulin, and ever since my life became a mess.I read all the stories about hypoglycemia,and the cause is the imbalance between CHO and Insulin. Analog insulin is for nonworking people, disabled, retired, not for people who work, active,enjoying the life.I am already stressed out when I am told to take only 1/2 unit of Humalog if my blood sugar is 150.Too strict, and people can die, too dangerous.How would you feel,if you become confused in a public and people who know are not around? I want to live independent, I want to control diabetes.One apple less on my meal can kill me.With old insulin people did not know too much about low blood sugar because was easy to control,the brain told them what to do.With new insulin your brain is gone, until somebody else do something for you.I do not call that a good life.

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